PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILL WARNING: You Will Get Ripped off Unless You Read This Page!

I wrote this page to set the record straight about penis enlargement pills!

First of all, here are 3 major points to live by:

1. Free trials are a scam! They are not free! They are just a simple ploy to get your credit card details so that these companies can constantly bill you each and every month until eternity! That's a Fact! They make it almost impossible to cancel the hidden subscription service that in most cases you don't even know you are subscribing to. Also, any 7 or 14 day free trial is absolutely useless when evaluating a product because penis enlargement takes time to see results. Nothing will happen within the 7 day "free trial" period except that your credit card will be charged a minimum $60 to $120 for the first month supply whether you wanted it or not! These extra charges begin even before your free trial sample is in the mail!.... PERIOD!
I recommend that you stay clear of any sort of "free trial or free month supply".

2. Quality Customer Support. Do not order any product online until you are confident that the company actually has open lines of communication with it's customers and I am not talking about an Order Only phone number. Companies that offer "Live Help Chat or a Support System" is the best way to know if they would be there in the time of need such as when you need refills or refunds. A simple company email is not good enough! Also beware of automated text customer service, ask a "tricky" question and see if it is a real person on the other end before you make the purchase.

3. Quality Ingredients. The correct dosage of high quality ingredients is the key to a successful penis enlargement supplement. Cheap products = cheap ingredients. Finding a product that has the proper ingredients in it is the key. Duel synergy products are a complete waste of time and are simply an advertising ploy to make you think you are getting something extra that is quite useless. The only products that I found to have the proper scientifically and medically proven ingredients in them were either "EnhanceRx™ or ZyGain®. Those were also the ones that I tried that had the best results.
You will be pleased to know that the product that I am still using today is one of those I just mentioned called EnhanceRx™ and it is still listed as the Top Selling Enlargement Pill in the USA since 2006 on a few of those websites that review products. I will talk about those sites in a minute..

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I am about to show you exactly how I gained 2 full inches of new size to my penis is just a few short months!
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I am going to show you exactly how you can get the same results like I did starting today...

Penis Enlargement Is Possible ..
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The results are clear to see, the proof is unquestionable...Penis Pills are the fastest, easiest and safest way to increase your penis size in just a few short months.

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"Thanks for showing me the best way to get a bigger penis. I read your site and increased my size by 2" in just a few months. I previously tried one of the brands that I saw advertised in the back of a Men's magazine and it didn't work at all. I trusted everything that I read to be the truth but I quickly found out that I was scammed. Researching these products is the key to getting the best product at the best price. Something that you made very easy for me after ready your website!.


Regards Harrison.

Harrison Daley
Jacksonville, Florida

Penis Pills, Penis Patches, or Penis Extenders?

14 months ago I spotted an ad for a penis enlargement cream in the back of a respected Men's magazine and decided that I might as well give them a shot. After all, the marketing material sold me on the fact that I would increase my size by 3" in just a few weeks! Yes, you can say I was a little naive but I was at least expecting some kind of result. However, even after 3 months of use the product didn't do a damn thing. Well, after this initial negative experience I decided to keep searching for the method that would work for me.

Before we go any further, allow me to briefly explain the theory behind the different methods of enlargement that are available...

Penis pills are not created equal. Each pill brand contains different ingredients from each other. Quality ingredients are the key to getting successful penis enlargement from a pill. There are many ingredients that work and then there are also many that do nothing. Here is a quick list of the required ingredients for successful enlargement from a pill: L-Arginine, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris. There are only a few pills that contain all of these ingredients and the best one of the bunch is EnhanceRx™. The are 2 other brands ZyGain® and VigRxPlus™ which come close. I found that the ZyGain® pill did not include the much needed penis exercise manual that comes free with EnhanceRx™. I also checked out VigRxPlus™ and realized that they are way to expensive for what you get and that the 67 day guarantee wasn't as good as the 180 day guarantee offered by the other two companies.

Penis patches are a relatively new method of penis enlargement. They use advanced "transdermal" technology to feed the formula into the users bloodstream in a timely manner just as a diet patch or nicotine patch would. Simply applying the patch to your skin releases the ingredients over an extended period of time. Patches do work but not nearly as good as pills because it takes a while for the ingredients of the patch to be fully absorbed through your skin and enter your blood stream compared to the pills which are taken orally and begin to work immediately.

Penis extenders are fairly new to the market within the last few years and have quickly replaced the outdated penis pump devices. They are based on the principle of stretching or traction. Penis extenders are devices that you strap your penis into and increase your penis length when used correctly. In order to achieve an increase in girth you would need to use penis pills at the same time.
If you have the money to spend then purchasing a combo package of both the extender and pills would be a good choice. The downside of the extenders is the fact that they are also not created equal. Most are constructed poorly which can lead to operational failure and could in turn damage your penis. Only CE approved devices should be considered and only purchase those that offer the round silicone noose system or round silicone comfort strap rather than the plastic hard strap or hybrid system as the plastic strap systems tend to break often.
I tried an extender which had the "noose system" and it was called the AchieveRx Extender. I paid about $100 bucks for the device which is half the price of the other brands. It worked, as in it gave me noticeable results in length but I felt that the device was too cumbersome to wear.

So what Brand is Best?

The bottom line is this: If you are looking for a penis enlargement product that works, then the EnhanceRx™ brand is by far the best option and gives you the best bang for your buck.


"I tried your pill recommendation and I couldn't be happier! EnhanceRx™ really works and I am glad to say that after only 2 months of use my penis has increased 1.3" in length and is still growing. You saved me a lot of time and money by telling me to try EnhanceRx™ first. When my penis reaches the maximum size I am happy with I will be sure to brag about my new found confidence to my friends."

Thanks Again!

George Riley
Fort Collins, Colorado

What Did My Doctor Say About Penis Enlargement?

As predicted, initially my doctor was quite skeptical about penis enlargement pills. He has since opened his mind after seeing my results. Penis enlargement pills in general have yet to be accepted by the majority of medical doctors as a legitimate method of penis enlargement. However the interesting part is that one of the ingredients has been recognized by the medical community to help aid in erection enhancement! In November 2008 the medical community publicly acknowledged the benefits of the herbal ingredient Horny Goat Weed. They suggested that it performed as well as, if not better than Viagra's key ingredient "sildenafil" but with fewer side effects. It will only be a matter of time before even more herbal ingredients are accepted as a better alternative to some of the "blockbuster erection drugs" such as Viagra's "sildenafil".

What's The Deal With Those Product Comparison Sites?

Hard to find the Truth? - Itís time you listened to a person who knows what works from experience and basic trial and error... that person is me! Those review sites can help give you basic enlargement information but they can be quite confusing when it comes down to the ranking of the actual brand names. In the beginning I used some of the information found on them, but I soon learned to take the rankings and ratings with a grain of salt.
Most self proclaimed review sites are directly related to the manufacturer that owns the products that they rank. Don't be fooled when reading what is usually 100% biased information found on those sites!
Reliable Review Sites, Quality Information?
Let's take a look at just a few of the "review sites" found online:

The Sites: ,,, and every other review site that lists the brand ZYTENZ in a positive light is actually owned by the makers of Zytenz. Yes, that's right, the owner of these websites also owns the top products listed on the site which includes Libido boost and Vydexafil.
These guys create multiple fake review sites and fill up the top of the search engines with fake reviews and bogus claims in an attempt to make you think that the products they rank must be good. WRONG. The products do not work as advertised. 100% biased reviews means 100% fraud.
They have already secured Bing and Yahoo with mulitple fake review sites all claiming that Zytenz is the best and now they are trying to do the same on Google. Buyer beware.

The Sites:, &
Yet another bunch of web sites all owned by the same guys who ripping people off with fake reviews and information. I have read endless complaints on forums about the product that these sites are trying to sell. The site is owned by the makers of a new brand name called Rexavar. (The product was formerly called: Penatropin, Zyatropin, Vaso Ultra, and Vaso-9. They also own a few other brands called Naturally Huge & Longinexx. Vaso 9 was created in January of 2013. We assume that was shut down for fraud because of all of the bogus claims made on the site. In March 2013 they renamed the product Vaso Ultra and managed to get away with using the identical website as Vaso-9. They claimed that in the testimonials that people have been using the product for over 5 months. Everything about the way they conduct business throws up red flags. The sames goes for the other brands they ranked called Penatropin and Zyatropin which are the same thing. They now created a product called Rexavar which makes the same bogus claims as their other products.
They have paid an 80's porn star to do a couple of generic videos for the site and tried to make it look like he actually gives his opinion on the site. This is 100% false. If you listen closely the paid endorser does not mention any brands or any actually website names in his rant. The whole site is geared toward exposing other penis pill companies as frauds such as Extenze. BUT, they must have missed the fact that this endorser used to promote Extenze for years!! Since I posted this info they have taken the time to add a new blurb on the site about how Extenze is no longer as good as what he is promoting now. Too funny.. The site is totally misleading and fraud. Stay clear of any fake review site that is endorsed by a porn star and the brands listed on it and you will do okay.

The Site:,
100% Biased review sites. These sites have transformed over the years from only listing the brands that they own (Maxis10, Erectzanpills, Hardazan Plus) to now at least listing a few of the other brands found on the internet. However I have figured out that they do this only to try to give themselves some sort of credibilty by listing a few of their competitors. They also hack down their competitors in order to steer the readers toward thier own brands.

Visit the Only Review Sites That I Trust.

If you want to learn more about penis enlargement in general then I have listed the only sites that I could find that you can trust 100%. You will be happy to know that they have reviewed in detail the products that I mentioned above. I am sure that they are making a commission from everything they list, but at least the information is legitimate and truthful.

#1 Review Site - (They rank the top 50 products)
#2 Review Site - (A simple one page site with official product links)
#3 Review Site - (Online since 2003)


"I ordered the ZyGain® System after seeing it on a 'review site' called "" where I finally found the male enhancement information that I was looking for. I tried the pills and strapped on the extender and within just 4 weeks I had already grown an inch in size. I only wore the extender for about an hour or so per day and I am so happy with the results. Please let your readers know about this product."


Fred Jordan
Toronto, Ontario

Your Success In Penis Enlargement Starts Here...

Listen up...Your road to success in penis enlargement will begin today but only if you remember these key points that I uncovered during my search in finding the best product:

1 You Need to be Aware of the Potential Scams. Thatís a must. You need to distinguish between what is real and what is just marketing hype. The information on this page will help you. There is no product on the market that can give you 3" of new size in just a few short weeks! Penis enlargement takes time. My penis didn't show any substantial new size until well into the second month of continued use.
Please note:
It usually takes about 12 weeks to begin to see the results most men are after.

2 Money Back Guarantees? - Because penis enlargement takes time I recommend that you should only purchase a product that offers at minimum a 180 day guarantee. I found that the companies that offered relatively short 30-90 day guarantees were basically useless and proved that they didn't stand behind their own products.
Please note:
Even though some companies offer money back guarantees, it is another thing to actually honor the guarantee. You will be pleased to know that brands like EnhanceRx™ and ZyGain® do honor their guarantees for the full 180 days. However and unfortunately VigRxPlus™ only offers a 67 day guarantee.

2 Only Penis Extenders Give Permanent Results - Yes this is reality! The extender devices are the only method that offers true permanent penis enlargement on their own. EnhanceRx™ also sells an extender if you wish to check that out by visiting the official website by clicking here. (Keep in mind though that I tried the AchieveRx extender and it worked well and was half the price)

Beware of any penis pill website that claims to give permanent results. Stay away from any of those companies that use those types of fraudulent marketing practices. Results gained solely from herbal supplements such as pills and patches are almost never permanent unless accompanied with a penis exercise program. A good analogy to this would be weight lifting and weight lifting supplements. Supplements are not designed to reside permanently in your system. However when used with an exercise program the more supplements you take and exercises you do, the larger you will become. You will be happy to know that the EnhanceRx™ pill comes with an exercise manual and it is free!

2 Do Penis Exercises Work? - Yes, but not on their own! In order for any penis exercise program to work as advertised you would have to combine them with herbal supplements as I stated above. Only by combining herbal supplements with a penis exercise regimen will you achieve the results you are looking for.
Please note:
Do not waste your money on an exercise membership site because you can get the exercise programs 100% Free! I received a free penis exercise Ebook with my EnhanceRx™ pills purchase and saved $40!

That's Right!, Get The Exercise Guide for Free!

I will say it again.. You can get the exercise guide 100% Free with your 3 month or more purchase of EnhanceRx™ pills today! Save your money!

Now that you know what to watch out for, your quest for a larger penis can start easily, today!


"Thank you for making this web page! I became very frustrated with all of these "review sites" trying to sell me the product that gave them the most affiliate commission, instead of a product that actually works. Especially in these difficult economic times wasting money is not an option. I ordered a 6 month supply of EnhanceRx™ pills and saved a bundle. It has been only 8 weeks and I have already grown an inch and a half. Looking forward to the coming months!"

Kevin Light
Kansas City, Kansas

Remember that EnhanceRx™ comes with a 180 day money back guarantee. That means that the makers of EnhanceRx™ stand behind their product so that you too can be completely confident that it will work for you or your money back.

Still not convinced? Read what others had to say about this amazing product on the EnhanceRx™ website.

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Once again...If you want to learn more about penis enlargement in general then I have listed the only sites that I could find that you can trust 100%. You will be happy to know that they have reviewed in detail the products that I mentioned above! I am sure that they are making a commission from everything they list, but at least the information is legitimate and truthful.
You can visit the #1 Review Site by clicking here. (a new browser window will open)

Disclaimer: I am a current user of EnhanceRx™ and these are my results. Your results may vary!
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